Automatic Renewal

Here’s some good news: from now on, we will automatically renew your material before it becomes due.


Why are we doing this? Because the number one reason most people don’t use the Library is that the loan periods are too short (and difficult to keep track of). And because when life gets hectic—and when isn’t it?—the first thing we forget to do is to renew our library books, movies, and music.

Here’s how automatic renewal works:
Two days before an item becomes due, you will receive an email stating: “The following items have been automatically renewed for you (title, new due date).”

In the same email it will also state: “These items can not be renewed and are due (title, current due date)”

Items that have holds on them—when other patrons are waiting for them—will not be automatically renewed. Items also will not be renewed if you owe more than $10 in library fines. Automatic renewal is a one-time occurrence. You can’t renew the same material again, unless you speak to a staff member.

This renewal system is only effective on material borrowed from the Claverack Free Library. If you visit another library in our system, please check to see what their lending rules are.

Automatic renewal cannot be turned off, but you are certainly free to return items on the original due date!

Notification is only through email, so be sure we have your current email address in our system.

Questions? Contact the Library Director, Thea Schoep at