Mission/Strategic Plan

The mission of the Claverack Free Library is to be a vibrant presence in the community

  • providing free access to a wide range of materials for information, enjoyment and life- long learning,
  • stimulating children and adults to become and remain enthusiastic readers, and
  • serving as a welcoming place for quiet reading, informal exchanges of ideas and programs of cultural and intellectual interest.


Strategic Plan – 2015-2017

The Claverack Free Library Strategic Plan defines our uniqueness and identifies how the library will remain viable in the foreseeable future. Strategic plans are generally long-term and directional. Such plans contrast with operational plans that are short-term and tactical. Strategies are built on a thoughtful assessment of what the future of an organization will look like – which of various visions is best suited to its mission and the realities it will face. Articulation of the Claverack Free Library’s general direction and positioning is also accomplished by this strategy.

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