The Design


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The Design

After carefully analyzing the former firehouse footprint, library specialists Paul Mays, Lisa Hayes and Steven Rowland of Butler Rowland Mays Architects, LLP, presented a variety of concepts to assure that this library and community center will meet the needs of the community for many years to come. Claverack architect Linda McNutt has built upon these concepts to create a flexible interior design, one capable of adapting and responding to future collaborative use.

The design includes:

  • a large downstairs gallery for arts and cultural programming and performances;
  • generous meeting space to accommodate area non-profit community groups, associations and agencies;
  • a dedicated children’s room with ample space for the children’s book collection, comfortable seating, children-centric computers, flexible programming space, and an area for arts and crafts projects;
  • ample room for our fiction and non-fiction book collection, as well as DVD and audio book collections;
  • elevator access between the two floors;
  • a separate teen space;
  • a small meeting room to be used for tutoring and general use by non-profit community groups, associations and agencies;
  • appropriate space for our valuable local history collection;
  • spacious computer work space;
  • adequate table space and seating areas throughout, including flexible and comfortable seating in bay windows;
  • an expanded staff work area and break space.


Front View


Front View (click to enlarge)


Rear View


Rear View (click to enlarge)


Upper Floor Plan


Upper Floor Plan (click to enlarge)


Lower Floor Plan


Lower Floor Plan (click to enlarge)






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