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The New Claverack Library Needs You!


Opportunities, Possibilities

The Claverack Free Library & Reading Room Association has served as a catalyst in the heart of our community in a number of locations since 1829. Building upon the library’s rich history of service to Claverack and the surrounding area, the trustees are at work to create a new, enhanced library facility to transform the library and the community – the library Claverack needs and deserves.

CFL Original Library 320w

Current library built in 1931

Today’s libraries connect the communities they serve by offering a neutral place for stimulating social, intellectual, and cultural exchanges.


The present library building, constructed in 1932, no longer allows the library to meet the growing and fast-changing needs of its patrons. With the acquisition and adaptive reuse of the

Future library and community center to meet today’s needs.

former A.B. Shaw firehouse next door, this latest iteration creates a space capable of hosting and collaborating with complementary organizations to reduce duplication of facilities and services region-wide.


Please join the 400 generous partners who believe in the power of this vibrant community center – a place of opportunities and possibilities – with your donation to the new Claverack Free Library.



Public Funding

Have you ever wondered why the Claverack Free Library asks for donations? You may be surprised by how little of your local taxes go toward funding the Library.

The Town of Claverack’s 2016 adopted budget is set at $2,641,471. Of this, the Claverack Library receives $58,500. That’s 2.2% of budgeted Town taxes. Any increase in funding from the Town must be approved by public vote.

In 2016 the Library will also receive $5,000 from Columbia County, $2,500 from the State of New York, and $500 from the Town of Taghkanic.

This brings the total tax income for the Claverack Library to $66,500. With the Library’s 2016 operating budget set at $111,254, total tax receipts offset only 59.7% of our annual costs. Hence the need for additional donations. Public support is essential to our operations and continued success.

We have two separate budgets, one is for our general operations and the other is dedicated to fund the construction of our new building.

It is important to know that no local taxes have been used to fund construction of the new Claverack Free Library building.

Help Create the New Library

A capital campaign has been launched to create a new library to better serve Claverack.

Independent of the Library’s annual operating budget, the capital campaign budget includes architectural and engineering design fees, permitting fees, and attendant construction costs necessary to create the new Library. No local tax dollars will be used to fund the capital campaign budget, and every effort is being made to keep costs within this budget.

To make the new Library a reality, and to supplement grant funding from government and private foundations, the new Library committee of trustees and community volunteers needs the support of every member of the community, as well as that of local businesses, and civic and community organizations. It is vitally important that the community participates in and supports this endeavor to improve the quality of life in Claverack and surrounding area. One hundred percent of the Board of Trustees has pledged support to the capital campaign.

The Claverack Free Library’s capital campaign committee recognizes every donation made to date and is grateful for the support.





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