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How does hoopla work?


hoopla is brought to you by the Claverack Libraries (Claverack and Philmont).  With your Claverack or Philmont library cards just find a title you like and click borrow and you are ready to start enjoying your title.


Claverack Libraries provides you with 4 instant borrows each month. These digital borrows will reset every month and you can borrow more than one title at a time.

Books are available for 21 days, videos are available for 72 hours, and music titles are available for 7 days after you borrow. Enjoy!

Go beyond the basics with these pro tips:

hoopla is available on your desktop, phone, tablet, Alexa devices, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV! Make sure to download our app to take your borrows anywhere.

Out of monthly borrows? Use the heart icon to save a title for later!

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hoopla has a Chrome extension so while you are browsing Amazon you can see if your library has the title you are looking for.

Download the Chrome extension guide

hoopla is sponsored by funds from the Berkshire Taconic Community Fund
Contact webchanges@midhudson.org