Mission/Bylaws/Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: The mission of the Claverack Free Library is to provide resources to the community to encourage critical readers, thinkers and information users and to connect to our community with each other and the world.

Vision Statement: The Claverack Library will be an innovative leader in implementing a variety of strategies to bring knowledge and promote learning opportunities, as well as entertainment, for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Core Values: The Claverack Library – its Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers – is committed to the following values. We value the library as a public forum: it is a community facility for open communication of ideas and information; its collection, displays, programs and services reflect an array of opinions and viewpoints.

                Open Access: The Claverack Library values free, open, unrestricted access to its collections and services. We are committed to connecting our patrons to the ideas, information and materials they wish to explore in a friendly, nonjudgmental manner. We strive to offer materials, programs and services that represent the needs of our diverse population.

                Patron Focus: The Claverack Library values all patrons and is responsive to their service needs. The patron’s opinion and input is welcomed in all initiatives and undertakings. We consider the impact on patrons in all decisions.

                Good Stewardship: The Claverack Library values responsible stewardship of all the resources with which we have been entrusted. We are accountable for ensuring the proper use of public funds. We take seriously our responsibility to maximize the efficiency of staff time and talent making the best use of all our resources in the delivery of quality library service.

                Growth and Innovation: The Claverack Library values continuous learning and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. We respond to present situations and anticipate future needs.

                Our Community: We value the community by being active participants in it, endeavoring to enhance the quality of community life. We value the privacy of our users by keeping their transactions strictly confidential.

                Intellectual Freedom: We uphold the principles of intellectual freedom and resist all efforts to censor library resources.


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Strategic Plan – 2022-2025

The Claverack Free Library Strategic Plan defines our uniqueness and identifies how the library will remain viable in the foreseeable future. Strategic plans are generally long-term and directional. Such plans contrast with operational plans that are short-term and tactical. Strategies are built on a thoughtful assessment of what the future of an organization will look like – which of various visions is best suited to its mission and the realities it will face. Articulation of the Claverack Free Library’s general direction and positioning is also accomplished by this strategy.

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