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1/27/23 – 3/10/23 | 2:00 PM

1/27/23 – Bringing Up Baby
directed by Howard Hawks

One of the most bubbly screwball comedies ever, this Howard Hawks film has Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn playing against type: he’s a serious paleontologist and she’s s ditzy socialite. Add Baby, a pet leopard, and a missing dinosaur bone and suddenly everything turns to chaos. A hilarious mix of fast-paced dialogue and physical comedy with a happy ending. 1938

2/03/23 – Love & Friendship
directed by Whit Stillman

Jane Austen before she was ‘Jane Austen’ was a lot more cynical. You will not forget Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) who is both ruthless and hilarious. People associate romance with Austen but she’s really very funny and this is one of the most comical adaptations of her work. Sir James Martin (Tom Bennett) may be her most amusing character ever. Superb cast directed by Whit Stillman. 2016

2/10/23 – Lilies of the Field
directed by Ralph Nelson

Screen legend Sidney Poitier plays Homer Smith, a jack-of-all-trades who has set aside his dreams of being an architect. When his car breaks down in the desert, Smith is persuaded to help to a group of nuns who fled war-torn Europe in return for some water. Little does he know that his irresistible force has met the immovable object, Mother Maria (Lilia Skala). This film shows how strength grows from community and dreams can be deferred but not defeated. 1963

2/17/23 – Crossing Delancey
directed by Joan Micklin Silver

Joan Micklin Silver’s film follows Isabelle (Amy Irving) who works in a notable Manhattan bookstore and rubs shoulders with famous authors, like Anton Maes (Jeroen Krabbé). Her friends share her ambitions (and some hilarious events) but her grandmother tries to keep her interested in family and tradition. Like many young people, Issy has to find out for herself how much of the new and the old belongs in her life. Great supporting cast. 1988

2/24/23 – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
directed by Stanley Kramer

The biggest big screen comedy ever with a stellar cast including everyone from Ethel Merman and Spencer Tracy to Terry-Thomas and Milton Berle on a cross-country chase after some buried treasure. The jokes run from puns (Jimmy Durante literally kicks the bucket) to elaborate ensemble pieces that fill the giant Cinerama Scope screen. Something to hit everyone’s funny bone. 1963

3/03/23 – The Hudsucker Proxy
directed by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

When first released film audiences were expecting more dark drama from the Coen Brothers, not this glorious satire with a nod to fast-talking screwball comedies. Screen legends Paul Newman and Charles Durning head of Hudsucker Industries, which finds itself on the brink of disaster and desperately needs a patsy to step into the leadership. Enter Tim Robbins, the hapless dupe from Muncie, Indiana, with an idea ‘for kids, you know.’ Jennifer Jason Leigh shines as the tough talking reporter Amy Archer. 1994

3/10/23 – Walk the Proud Land
directed by Jesse Hibbs

Based on a true story, this film follows John Philip Clum (Audie Murphy), a government official sent to Arizona to broker peace between the Americans and the Apache people. Initially hesitant, the Americans are convinced by Clum to stop fighting, and they allow him to establish a police force on the reservation, trained by Clum’s friend Tom Sweeny (Charles Drake). Meanwhile, a romantic rivalry begins between Clum’s wife and an Apache woman (Anne Bancroft) who has taken refuge in Clum’s home. 1956

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