Why give to the library?

This may be a question you asked yourself as you clicked this page open. There are lots of possible answers. Some people give to ensure that we offer evening and weekend hours. Others to be the first to read a new bestseller. Some prefer our collection of classic films. Yet others are inspired to give when they attend a live performance or enjoy an art exhibit in the company of friends. Or when they watch their children enjoying story hour.
Your next question might be, “Well, wouldn’t all those things remain the same without private donations?” And the fact is that they would not. Our donors support a substantial portion of our operating costs. It simply couldn’t happen without them.

Our donors’ gifts — of all sizes — are the fuel we run on.
You are warmly invited to become a donor if you aren’t one already. Here’s the easiest way to give:

For your convenience we still welcome donor advised funds, personal checks, gifts of securities and cash donations.

Donor Advised Funds

To make a one-time or recurring gift directly from your donor-advised fund, click here:

Appreciated Securities

Stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares that have appreciated in value (and have been owned for more than one year) can be donated to the Claverack Free Library. You may then take a tax deduction for the full market value of the investment and avoid paying taxes on the appreciated value.

Please speak to your broker or financial advisor for information specific to your situation. Instruct your broker to contact James Armstrong at Hudson Financial — (518) 828-6123 to complete this transaction.

Notification of Gift Form

And, if you do decide to give, please let us know: What’s your reason for giving to the library? to share your library story.