Library Finances

Have you ever wondered why the Claverack Free Library asks for donations? You may be surprised by how little of your local taxes go toward funding library operations. The Claverack Library is an association library; it must raise a significant portion of the annual budget from sources other than the government.

From the Town of Claverack’s 2021 adopted budget of $2,709,153, the Claverack Library receives $73,500. That makes up 2.7% of budgeted Town taxes. Any increase in funding from the Town must be approved by public vote.

Additionally, in 2021 the Library will receive approximately $3,000 from Columbia County, $1,250 from the State of New York, and $1,000 from the Town of Taghkanic.

This brings the total revenue from taxes for the Claverack Library to $78,750.

With the Library’s 2021 operating budget set at $159,340, total tax receipts offset only 49.4% of the annual costs. The difference of $80,590 must be raised through grants, fund raising events, and the generosity of residents and area businesses.

In October 2019, the Library moved into its new building, free of debt. No local tax money was directed to construct the new Claverack Free Library and Community center.

Today, every donation goes directly to the Library’s annual operating budget to assure that it continues to serve our community well into the future. Thank you for your generous support.


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