Our Donors

Thank you to our all of our 2021 donors —
with gratitude and sincere appreciation for each and every gift!

* Sustaining donors have made a commitment to annualize their gifts to the library.
They are noted throughout with an asterisk.

$1,000 and over

Claire Ackerman
Regina Aldisert
Peter and Virginia Ambrose*
Anonymous (2)
Robert Bertoletti and Cynthia Carlson*
John and Mame Bradley*
The Doris Fund*
Craig Fitt and Bruce Shostak*
John Frishkopf and Brett Mattingly*
Meyer and Floss Frucher
Neil and Alayne Howard*
Stephen King and Peter Bevacqua*
The Marilyn and Bob Laurie Foundation*
The Arthur and Eileen Newman Family Foundation*
Peter and Charlen Paden*
Alice Platt*
Tini Pomeranz
Christopher and Jennifer Post*
Susan Roberts*
Robert and Deborah Shakotko*
The Ullman Family Foundation*
Richard Weininger and Gretchen Stearns*

$500 – $ $999

Charles and Myra Biblowit
Meg Cashen
Tom Parrish and Charlton Clay*
Carmi and Lynn Rapport
Randy Correll and Paul Occhipinti
Kristen Gamble
Roy Pulver, Jr.
Ellen Scofield

$100 – $499

James and Suzanne Aisenberg
Anonymous (1)
Patricia Arbib
David Baylen and Stephanie Sussman*
Patricia Fecher*
Richard and Amanda Riccio*
Katherine Bainer and Paul Kuhn
Arthur Baker and Jacqueline Wilder
Joseph Baker III
Susan Bane
Leonard and Claire Behr
Antal Borbely and Marie Weinberger
Christopher Boyle
William and Blanche Braillard
Susan Bryant and Lawrence Fox
Deborah Byer and Thomas Yang
Kathleen Ann Cashen
Stanley Carr and Laura Fortenbaugh
Allan Chapin
Chicago Community
William Cook
Steven and Laura Corsun
Salvatore and Amy Cozzolino
Salvatore and Marie D’Amico
Martin Davidson
Karen DePeyster
Alexandra Dilworth
John Dobkin
Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD and Ann Esselstyn
Joan Feder
Bryan Fox and Peggy Gould
William Furse
Jack Gantzer
Jane Gennaro and Stephen Zurrow
Renee Gielewski
Stewart and Sandra Gill
Arthur and Nancy Griffith
Leonard Hall
J. Hernandez and M.T. Reese
Audre Higbee
Daniel and Dale Hills
Peter Hoffman and Linda McNutt
Jennifer Houston and Larry Perl
David and Mary Imbrogno
Margaret Jennings
Michael and Christine Kachuba
Lawrence and Anna Kadish
Sylvia Kaminsky and Bruce Leder
James Karic
Cathy Kaufman and Thomas Pippert
Thomas and Judith Keany
Chul Kim
Camilla Kolber
Josephine Konow
Diane Kreig
Karen Kreig
John and Maryanne Lee
Arlene Levinson
Richard and Elizabeth Livingston
Bonnie Long
Linda Lutzius and Michael Tuccio
Audrey Lyndon and John Williams
Cynthia Maetz
Donald McKinney and Ken Polinskie
Victor and Florence Meyers
George and Ann Mickle
Deborah Mintz
Robert Montgomery
Joseph Mormondo
Gregory and Elena Mosley
Francis and Deborah Nolan
Elizabeth O’Donnell
Maureen O’Mara
Margaret Pfeffer
William Pierson
Jeff and Kim Plass
Frederick Reif
Richard and Amanda Riccio
Carl Robichaud
Karen Ronsand
Carol Rusoff
Karen Sharf
Michael Specter
Frank and Jean Starkes
Marcia Sullivan
Michael and Shirley Sullivan
Nancy Van Deren
Curtis and Mary Elizabeth Vincent
Roland and Marion Vosburgh
White Pine Household
Timothy and Emily Wyman

$1 – $99

Sherry Ackerman
Frank Agate
Mucie Allred
Bruce Altshuler
Anonymous (5)
Gary Arcuri and Joan Koweek
Steve and Janet Argus
Mary Baker
Norma Barnard
James and Carol Bartholomew
Kirsten Bates
Peter Baxter
Patti Bender
Jorge and Barbara Blanco
Jonathan and Denise Blank
Ellen Block
Wayne Bouchard
Sara Brandston
Sally Brodsky
Carol Buell and Olivia Hicks
Carol Calvin
Laura Ann Cammisa and Jeff Schloss
John and Linda Campeta
Linda Caplan
Anthony and Elizabeth Cartolano
Nathan Chess
John and Margaret Chippari
Bennet and Sharon Cohen
John and Ivette Collazo
Nicholas Cort
Mary Cronin
Donna Davey and Jim McCabe
Deborah Davis
Barbara Delamater
Mary Jane Depole-Eason
Dominique DeVito
Linda Drahushuk
Robert and Toba Duggan
Fernando Edwards
Robert and Cecelia Elinson
Eunice Ellis
Thomas Fattore
Jean Feinberg
David Ferchau and Theresa Kopasz
Arlene Fernandez
Theodore and Jacqueline Filli
Mark and Susan Fingar
Stanley and Carol Finkelstein
Michael Flack and Abigail Sloane
Barbara Flouton
Lotte France
Helen Freedman
Benjamin Funk 3rd
Carol Gans
Ralph Gartner
Margaret Garvin
Lora Goldman
David and Sylviane Golub
Arthur and Nancy Griffith
Gayle Groupp
Nancy Hagin
David Haines
Carolyn Haldane
Paul Hamann
Frank Hentschel
Leon and Anne Hoffman
Paul and Tracy Hoffman
Glenn and Irene Holzhauer
Lee Hood
Dorothea Hotaling
William and Liva Jacoby
Ralph Janetti
Frank Jause and Paula Voigt-Jause
Peter Johnson
Walter and Joan Jutkofsky
Roy and Michele Kaufman
Kenneth and Joyce Ketay
Andrea Kleine and Bobby Previte
Pamela Kline
John and Diane Konderwich
Richard and Toni Koweek
Robert and Steffany Krisniski
Kate Laity
Anthony and Agnes LaSalvia
Gertrude Leggieri
Cary Leibowitz and Simon Lince
Michael and Jeanne Leonard
Yotam Lev and Gili Melalmed-Lev
Jerome and Lois Lowenstein
Keith and Margaret MacDonald
Margaret Mac Grady
Jan Maltby
Jean March
Deanna Marotta
Donald Marshall
Barbara Martin
Rebecca McBride
James McFarland
David McGrath
Jeanne Miller
Joan Mottoshiski
Steven and Julie Nack
Charles and Paula North
James and Regina O’Connell
Lester and Emi Olsson
Bernadette Orr
Katherine Osterhoudt
Nicholas Pandjiris and Eileen Walding
Dale Payson
Deborah Peles
Susan Pettee
Debra Pierce
Orrine Pinto
Diane Pollack
Fred and Donna Potts
Sharon Poucher
Joyce Pratt
Paula Ptaszek
Daniel and Tani Quinion
Renate Reiss
Joseph and Mary Ronsani
David Rosner
Carla A. Ross
Galen and Carol Rueckwald
Joseph Rustick
Patricia Scalera
Roger Schermond
Andrew Sedlock
Eva Serres
James Sherman
Jay Shulman
Ann Singleton
Andrew and Susan Soltano
Peggy Stewart
Takeshi and Akiko Suesada
Genevieve Sweet
Jeffrey and Chris Tallackson
Albert and Grace Tanzi
Frances Varelli
Mario Verna
Douglas Vink
James and Deborah Weide
Joann Wiedemann
Vickie Wilder
Sali Wolbach
Audrey Wyman
Abbie Zuideman

Businesses, Civic Organizations, Government and Foundations

A&M Creative
American Library Association
Angus Farm
Anonymous (2)
Bill Baldwin & Sons
Bank of Greene County
New York State Assemblymember Didi Barrett
Berkshire Taconic Foundation
Evelyn Bordewick Foundation
Children’s Foundation of Columbia County
Churchtown Dairy
Churchtown Fire Company
Claverack Democratic Committee
Claverack Package Store
Country Wool
CREATE Council on the Arts
Fingar Insurance
Peter Fonda Building
Gochman Family Foundation
Hendrick Hudson Chapter of the D.A.R.
Hover Foundation
Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation
K. Kneller & Co., Inc.
Krazee Rolls LLC
Mei’s Dumplings
Meltz Lumber Company
MidHudson Library System Outreach Mini Grant
New York State Council on the Arts through the Greene County Arts Council
New York State Department of Education, Division of Library Development
Red Apple Realty
Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation
Shallo, Galluscio & Biance, CPAs
The Town of Claverack
The Town of Taghkanic
Triform Enterprises
Trumbull Farms LLC
Turn to the Wonderful Fund
U.S. Treasury(e-Rate)
Valley Oil Company
Zero Tolerance


Sustainers:  If you can afford to make a recurring annual gift to the library — one that you can reasonably plan to continue to make for several years into the future — please consider becoming a sustaining donor. Sustaining gifts are unrestricted annual donations from donors who express the intention to continue to give at a specified level for multiple years. Sustaining gifts allow the trustees and staff to anticipate charitable income for project planning, grant applications and public funding requests. Sustaining gifts are critical in reducing financial uncertainty in uncertain times.

Supporters: One-time gifts comprise a major share of charitable income to the library and we need them more than ever. Your gift of any size — as a single donation or on a recurring periodic basis over the course of the year — will make a difference in the life of the library. One time gifts can be made by check, credit card, or using Paypal.

Friends: The Friends of Claverack Library offer all members of the community a way  to actively take part in the life of the library and keep it humming.  You can become a volunteer supporting our many events. You can advocate for library services and funding with state and local elected bodies…  AND of course, you can become a member. Membership is available starting at $20 per year and every penny from FRIENDS membership is spent to ensure a vibrant library connected to the needs of our community.

However you may choose to give or to participate, please know that in these unprecedented times, we all need our friends. Thank you, one and all.