Library Referendum

It’s your library. It’s your vote.

On the back of November’s General Election ballot is a referendum asking voters to approve a modest increase for the library’s annual operating budget.

Why is the library seeking an increase in funding?

The Claverack Library is more than book lending; it’s a vibrant social center and technology hub, with extensive and varied free programming for all ages. Today’s library serves a growing number of patrons who rely upon free Wi-Fi access to manage and enhance their personal, educational, cultural, and professional lives.

If the proposition passes, the Town of Claverack’s support for the library will be fixed at $86,000 per year – an increase of $12,500 – which cannot be increased without future approval from voters.

Per capita, the CFL receives the fewest local tax dollars of all 11 Columbia County libraries.

The library’s 2022 operating budget was $197,435, with funds from the Town of Claverack offsetting only 37.2% of the annual costs. The difference of $123,935 came from grants, fund raising events, and generous donations from neighbors and area businesses.

Since October 2019, when the library moved into its new building – free of debt and expending no local tax money for the capital project – operating costs have risen. With the addition of two new and expanded part-time jobs since, the 2022 operating budget includes salary-related increases, as well as additional operating expenses for utilities and maintenance impacted by post-pandemic inflation.

What does this mean for my taxes?

If the entire cost of this proposition is passed on to property owners – which will not necessarily happen – the increase adds $1.62 per $100,000 of assessed value for property owners per year.

For most homeowners it comes to less than the price of a single movie ticket.
It’s your library. It’s your vote. Vote on November 8th.

Real People, Real Dollars

1. Use the Library Value Calculator (shown below) to see how much the library saves you. 

2. Once the annual figure is calculated.

  • Take a screenshot of the calculation (or write it down) to have on hand.
  • Use the sign template for either an individual or family and fill in the dollar figure calculated.
  • Snap a photo of the person or family holding up this sign, like the ones below.
  • Post to social media (or send to and the library will post for you) using the hashtags:  #claveracklibrarysaves #claveracklibrary #claverackny
Individual Savings 2022
Family Savings 2022